Why Attend the University of Silicon Valley?

Are you looking to excel in a creative tech role within the competitive eco-system of Silicon Valley? Even with millions of highly skilled employees currently working in Silicon Valley, organizations are still looking for quality, educated creative tech employees that are fully trained and ready to start contributing. If you are looking to capitalize on this trend by attending a college in Silicon Valley, then the University of Silicon Valley may be the right educational path for you.

Why Attend the University of Silicon Valley?

The University of Silicon Valley has been helping students achieve their dreams since 1887. Our mission is to prepare you for success in creative technology industries by providing an extraordinary, real-world education inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley.

The University of Silicon Valley also offers highly regarded programs that are in demand and taught by instructors that have worked in the industry for decades. Our instructors have created a curriculum that prepares you for your job on day one. Working in tandem with employers, instructors at the University of Silicon Valley update curriculum as needed to stay current with the ever-evolving tech industry in Silicon Valley. To learn more about our faculty and academic leadership, read through some of their bios, featuring accomplishments in the fields of business, arts, and technology.

Programs That Prepare You for Success

The University of Silicon Valley offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in creative tech roles that are in demand. Programs range from Business Administration, Digital Arts and Animation, Game Design Art, Game Design Engineering, Computer Science and Software Development, to Digital Audio Technology, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Our programs are immersive, collaborative and designed to unlock your creativity. For over 130 years, the University of Silicon Valley has been helping students turn their passion into their professions. Today, it’s your turn. Explore our program offerings to help you develop the skills you need for the job you’ll love.

Flexible Online Classes Available

Although there are many benefits to attending college in person, we understand that not all of our students will be able to attend the University of Silicon Valley on campus. That is why we have online programs available for those students that need a little bit more flexibility in their schedule. Online programs range from bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Game Art, Game Engineering, Software Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, as well as Management and Leadership.


Not Just Staff but Mentors

At the University of Silicon Valley, you’ll find your mentor among our experienced faculty. They have ties to major industry players in Silicon Valley. From DreamWorks, Activision, Electronic Arts, and LucasFilms, to Apple, Dell, Disney, Sony, Pixar Studios, Ubisoft, Cisco Systems, and HP to name a few. Our faculty have been C-Level executives, entrepreneurs and innovators in the creative tech industry. And, with small class sizes, you will receive one-on-one attention from these instructors. The extra attention will allow you to ask questions, get motivated, and gain guidance throughout your career.

We are Fueled by Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has become the hub for technology and innovation. It is home to some of the most recognizable names and brands in the world. Working in Silicon Valley not only immerses you into an entrepreneurial and innovative atmosphere, but the companies in Silicon Valley are truly changing the world. With all the opportunities and inspiration around you, there are limitless avenues to a successful career in digital arts, engineering, audio technology and many other innovative sectors of the world economy.

The demand for creative tech jobs is skyrocketing in Silicon Valley. With millions of tech workers enjoying Silicon Valley’s many amenities, creative tech companies are still looking to expand their workforce by bringing in more top talent to Silicon Valley. It is estimated that there are 4 million jobs available in the Bay Area. For those that have the skills and education to thrive in the creative tech industry, this can be your ticket to a successful career.

We are Fully Accredited

It is important to attend a college that is fully accredited by a highly respected commission. University of Silicon Valley is accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education: WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). Not only is it important to attend an accredited college but only fully accredited colleges can offer their students Federal Financial Aid.

Financial Aid is Available, for Those That Qualify

The goal of the Financial Aid office is to provide financial aid packages that are responsive and flexible so that the University of Silicon Valley remains affordable. Some of the opportunities to subsidize tuition and fees include scholarships, grants, loans and work study. The financial aid office will also remind you about application deadlines and help you fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Career Services for Our Alumni

Career Services at the University of Silicon Valley has virtual and campus resources that can help you acquire the knowledge and practical skills that will help you find the right professional opportunity. We’ll do all we can to support you and your career goals starting from day one.

The University of Silicon Valley also offers Alumni Fire, a grassroots network of USV community members. This community offers general career advice, feedback and guidance for resumes, review of creative portfolios and career mentoring. Book an appointment with our Director of Career Services, Jason Arana to get a self-assessment, explore your options and discuss how to meet your unique goals and aspirations.

Final Thoughts

There are many opportunities in Silicon Valley, and we can help you find the right one to fit your career path. With flexible programs in digital arts and engineering, we have the resources that can catapult you into your dream job. With industry experienced instructors, community members, financial aid and career services, the University of Silicon Valley has you covered. Learn more about us today and start building your future tomorrow.

Want to Learn More?

University of Silicon Valley is uniquely poised to offer a meaningful and valuable education for 21st century students. We believe in an education that directly correlates with the work you’ll be doing after you graduate. Interested in learning more? Contact Us today.

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