Does the University of Silicon Valley Have an eSports Team?

The University of Silicon Valley (USV) Dragons Esports team is a collegiate Tespa chapter competing in national and local tournaments. We host friendly get-togethers, play-test events, and promote a community of competitive gaming on titles such as Overwatch, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and more.

The University of Silicon Valley helps those interested in participating in eSports in multiple aspects. Esports is a way for students to not only compete in gameplay, but build skills and access opportunities to learn concepts in marketing, production, coaching, student management and game design & development.

Esports is a great cross-over for those that want to learn more about game design and development. University of Silicon Valley students will create playable video game prototypes while participating, with either an emphasis in game design art or game design engineering. Course topics include game design concepts, theory and methodologies, storytelling, game analysis, player engagement, player immersion, gamification, and techniques for monetization. Those full-time students that are also interested in joining the University of Silicon Valley’s eSports team can try out for the Dragons.

Who Are the Dragons?

The Dragons are the University of Silicon Valley’s collegiate eSports team, offering athletic scholarships and a thriving home to the competitive gaming community. This collegiate eSports team plays for honor and digital glory. Each team is centered around a specific game. Some of the games include Fortnite, League of Legends, Minecraft, Overwatch, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, and Valorant. Each game involves a different set of skills that many eSports gamers have trained to obtain over their lifetime. The Dragons offer a close community focused on both competition at the highest levels and achieving academic excellence.

Does the University of Silicon Valley Offer a Scholarship?

The University of Silicon Valley offers up to $4,000 in scholarships per academic year to qualified players for both Overwatch, and League of Legends. Scholarship recipients must be full-time students or incoming students that are accepted to the University of Silicon Valley eSports team and meet a set of criteria that involves both superior game play, educational excellence and need based parameters. Contact our financial aid office to learn more about financial aid packages that will subsidize tuition and other collegiate costs while attending the University of Silicon Valley. Not only is federal financial aid (FAFSA®) offered, but other financial aid options include scholarships, grants, loans, and work study programs.

Can I Try Out for the Dragons?

In order to try out, you must be a current or incoming full-time student at the University of Silicon Valley. There are scholarship opportunities available to those who qualify. Visit the scholarships page for more details. Fill out the recruitment form and eligible applicants will be put in contact with someone from the program to discuss next steps. Live tryouts will be held throughout the school year, depending on the season’s schedule.

Who is USV’s eSports Head Coach?

Alex Holler is the head coach of the Dragon’s eSports program. Alex is also involved in player recruiting, program planning, sponsor acquisition, as well as being the camp director of the University of Silicon Valley’s eSports & Leadership Camp. The camp will host events during the summer in Silicon Valley. The games played there include Fortnite, League of Legends, Minecraft, Overwatch, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, and Valorant. Each game has their own following and pit competitors against each other in player vs player, first person shooter, real time strategy and multiplayer online battle arena style gameplay.

The Growth of the eSports Industry

In 2021, there will be over 26 million monthly eSports viewers in the US, which is up 11 percent over last year according to Insider Intelligence. Just like professional sports, eSports teams have players, coaches, trainers, tournaments, franchises, and endorsements. New games are becoming popular, new teams are looking for gamers, and schools are looking to recruit talent.

The growth in eSports is also thanks in part to celebrities like Michael Jordan and Drake, coverage from traditional outlets like ESPN, and the popularity of streaming sites like Twitch. The popularity of eSports is only growing and being a part of the University of Silicon Valley’s eSports team can be your vehicle to break into the collegiate eSports scene. There are ever increasing prizes for tournaments, as the popularity of eSports continues to grow in the coming years and decades.

USV’s Department of Game Design & Development

At the University of Silicon Valley, we take gaming and game development seriously. The University of Silicon Valley ranked 13th in the nation by the Princeton Review. Within the Game Design & Degree Department there are two different degree programs, a B.A. in Game Art and a B.S. in Game Engineering.

Bachelor of Art in Game Art

Within the Game Art degree program there are two concentrations, art and writing. This degree program can be your launchpad for a career in the creative side of game design. Focusing on environment, character, story and more, you’ll learn how to create the elements that breathe life into the gameplay experience. Collaborate with the very best that University of Silicon Valley has to offer, as you team up with students from other degree concentrations to bring the creative side of game design and development to life.

Bachelor of Science in Game Engineering

We offer a Game Engineering degree program that provides you with the technical skills to design and program video games. You will learn how to modify existing game engines before designing your own game. You will learn how to implant animation, AI and computer graphics within the engine. The University of Silicon Valley’s curriculum takes you step-by-step, in learning to design characters, worlds, and objectives within the video game. This degree program will prepare you for the role of game designer or game engineer, within the professional game development industry.

Want to Learn More?

The mission of the University of Silicon Valley is to bring awareness to eSports by creating and promoting a close community focused on competing at the highest levels of collegiate eSports while achieving academic excellence. And we’re always on the lookout for new talent to join our competitive and club teams. If you are interested in trying out, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

Why Attend the University of Silicon Valley?

University of Silicon Valley is uniquely poised to offer a meaningful and valuable education for 21st century students. We believe in an education that directly correlates with the work you’ll be doing after you graduate. Interested in learning more? Contact Us today.

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