Where in Silicon Valley is the University of Silicon Valley?

Are you looking to build your legacy at a creative tech giant but not sure how to work the crane? Consider attending college in Silicon Valley. Whether you want to rub elbows with the tech elite or find like-minded classmates that have a passion for technology, you can find you niche at the University of Silicon Valley.

Where is Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is located in the heart of Northern California and reaches from San Jose, through San Francisco all the way up to Sacramento. The term Silicon Valley was coined in 1971 by Don Hoefler, a magazine writer, as a nickname for Santa Clara Valley. The main silicon chip company in the U.S. was Fairchild Semiconductors, located in Mountain View. This tech innovator spurred many spinoffs for related services and competitors, according to the Silicon Valley Historical Association. At the time and ever since, Silicon Valley has been a technological hub and the center of innovation.

San Jose

There are over 6,600 technology companies in San Jose, which plays host to tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, Oracle and HP to name a few. There are also many different startups that call Silicon Valley home. It is the center of innovation and a beacon for an ever-evolving technological revolution.

San Francisco         

San Francisco is also in the geographic area of Silicon Valley. It is home to many tech giants, most notably SalesForce, Uber, and Airbnb. Whether you want to do business in the Financial District or enjoy SoMa culture, there are 11 districts that call San Francisco home.


Some also include Sacramento as part of the Silicon Valley region. Some of the top technology companies that employ Sacramento locals includes Intel, Apple and HP. Sacramento has also migrated to Agriculture Technology, with its close proximity to farmlands and UC Davis.

Where in Silicon Valley is the University of Silicon Valley

The University of Silicon Valley is located in San Jose, in close proximity to Carnegie Mellon and Northeastern University. It is located right across for the Cisco Systems San Jose headquarters. You can also find the University of Silicon Valley virtually at, as many of our programs are offered online.

Why Attend the University of Silicon Valley?

There are many reasons to graduate from the University of Silicon Valley. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the heart of Silicon Valley, get hands-on training, attend online programs or learn from seasoned faculty, The University of Silicon Valley is your gateway to creative technology, located in one of the largest tech hubs in the United States.

Benefit #1: Located in the Heart of Silicon Valley

The University of Silicon Valley is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, on the doorstep of Cisco Systems and in proximate to many other tech giants that are looking for highly trained employees with a passion for creative technology, business, and software development. And, if you are located in the SF area, downtown San Jose is only a BART or Caltrain ride away. Also, San Jose International airport can connect you across the United States and the World. Silicon Valley is a tech hub that can reach any US destination in only a handful of hours.

Benefit #2: Hands-on Training

The curriculum at the University of Silicon Valley is immersive, collaborative and designed to unlock your creativity. We take the culture of Silicon Valley and bring it to the classroom. You will work with the newest hardware and software, create real animated shorts, write computer programs, and develop games and audio tracks. The University of Silicon Valley has high-end music studios, computer labs with the latest software and on-campus clubs in eSports and other aspects of student life. Employers understand that the students at the University of Silicon Valley not only sit for lectures, but work in studios and labs to hone their skills and knowledge to prepare for real world situations.

There are even externships that allow you to work in the real world while being supervised, to get hands-on training that will prepare you for day one in your new career. This externship experience will also help you get a job after graduation, as many employers are looking for employees that don’t need extensive on-the-job training and are ready to work on day one.

Benefit #3: Online Programs

If you need to take classes while you work or have other responsibilities to balance, the University of Silicon Valley offers many of our programs online. Whether you are looking to break into the industries of game art, game writing, and software development or looking to advance in your career by taking a Master’s degree program in entrepreneurship and innovation or management leadership, the University of Silicon Valley has you covered.

And the good news about our online courses is that you get the same great experience that you would during in-person education with the flexibility to attend lectures and utilize the ease of the Internet while learning remotely. You can still work closely with faculty and get to know classmates that will become your new Silicon Valley network.

Benefit #4: Seasoned Industry Faculty

You will find mentors among the University of Silicon Valley’s faculty as they have close ties to many tech giants in Silicon Valley. Our faculty have work experience directly from tech giants in the community including Cisco, Google, HP, LucasArts, Electronic Arts, Disney and Activision to name a few. Whether you are looking toward a career in digital art and animation, computer science, game engineering, audio production or business entrepreneurship and innovation, you will find industry experienced faculty ready to guide you toward graduation and help you network with industry employers.

Benefit #5: Career Services

The career services department at the University of Silicon Valley offers more than resume building and interview prep. We have “Alumni Fire,” a networking community launched by the USV community to help students and graduates start networking. We support you with general career advice, feedback for resumes, portfolio reviews and mentoring. Some employers go directly to the University of Silicon Valley to recruit candidates. They know where the cream of the crop rises, and that is the University of Silicon Valley.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for direction in the maze of education? Want to start working in animation, digital art, game design, software development, audio production or be an entrepreneur? With a well-crafted curriculum, real world experience, the latest in technology, seasoned faculty and the mentorship to traverse the creative tech world, the University of Silicon Valley is your ticket to the big leagues. So, swing for the virtual fences.

Want to Learn More?

University of Silicon Valley is uniquely poised to offer a meaningful and valuable education for 21st century students. We believe in an education that directly correlates with the work you’ll be doing after you graduate. Interested in learning more? Contact Us today.

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