What Bachelor’s Degrees are Offered at the University of Silicon Valley

Do you have a passion for creative technology? Live near the Silicon Valley area or have an interest in working in Silicon Valley? If you are looking to get a degree from a top school in Silicon Valley, then you should learn more about the degrees offered at the University of Silicon Valley. Whether you are interested in animation, game art, computer science, digital audio, software development or entrepreneurism, you can find a degree that fits your passion at the University of Silicon Valley.

What Degrees are Offered at the University of Silicon Valley?

At the University of Silicon Valley, we have many different degrees in the creative arts. From animation and business to innovation and entrepreneurism, the University of Silicon Valley offers degrees that capture the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley.

B.A. Digital Art and Animation

Are you passionate about 2D and 3D animation, concept art or video games? If so, then a bachelor’s degree in digital art and animation may be the right career path for you. During this program, you get to experience the VFX pipeline while bringing vivid characters, worlds and creatives to life. You will even get to work on your own project from start to finish and enter it into digital art contests and festivals. The bachelor’s degree in digital art and animation offers a concentration in 3D modeling, 3D animation, entertainment design and technical art.

3D Modeling – this University of Silicon Valley program gives you the most relevant training and access to modern industry tools to follow professional workflows and create your own 3D models for films and video games.

3D Animation – become a 3D animator and master the fundamentals of animation and character rigging. Also, receive mentorship from industry skilled instructors at the University of Silicon Valley.

Entertainment Design – during this concentration, you will be able to bring stories, characters and landscapes to life using drawing, rendering, model building, sculpting and 3D tools.

Technical Art – combines the worlds of tech and digital art, closing the gap between art and programming. As a technical artist, you will be essential to integrating art assets into projects without going beyond the technical limits of the platform.

B.A. Game Art

This University of Silicon Valley program offers two unique degrees in both game design art and game design engineering. With the game design art degree, you can choose between game art and game writing. You will work on the creative side of game design by building environments, characters and stories that will help players immerse themselves in the worlds that you create. The game design engineering degree allows you to learn the building blocks of video game development and the tools and concepts needed to succeed in this exciting position.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The bachelors of business administration degree supports your journey in the creative tech industries in Silicon Valley and throughout the world. You can concentrate in project management or digital media management and learn the commercial power of creativity and technology. Courses in this degree program focus on marketing, communication, media and business theory.

Project Management – learn to lead teams to success in the creative industry. During the program at the University of Silicon Valley, you will simulate the role of a project manager while learning finances, recruitment and idea pitching.

Digital Media Management – learn to master both traditional marketing and social media to drive customer engagement while managing a digital media studio. During this program, you learn exactly what makes film, game or marketing campaigns successful.

B.S. Computer Science

The bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Silicon Valley offers hands-on application, instructors that mentor, and the right resources to launch your ideas. The coursework prepares you for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification in cloud computing. Classes include the fundamentals of computing, programming, principles of management and entrepreneurship, data structures, concepts of operating systems and many other important courses that prepare you for a job in computer science.

B.S. Digital Audio Technology

The department of audio and music technology at the University of Silicon Valley prepares you for various roles in music production. Classes focus on audio for video games, music and films. During program coursework, you will learn about desktop production fundamentals, digital sound synthesis, and interactive audio production. You will create sub-mixes, mix automation, and full-cycle studio production. You will also become familiar with industry standard software including Pro Tools, Logic, Komplete, Tassman and Pure Data.

B.S. Game Engineering

During this bachelor’s of game engineering program at the University of Silicon Valley, you will gain the technical skills to design and program video games using game engines, animation, AI and computer graphics. During this program you are introduced to game programs within a team structure. You will build your skills in ideation, iteration, troubleshooting, risk assessment, adaption, communication, team management, organization and leadership. You will also take classes in game design, GUI and graphics programming. After completing this coursework, you will be ready to take on a role as a game engineer on teams that mirror professional game development studios.

B.S. Software Development

If you have 32 months to become a software developer, then the University of Silicon Valley can help you attain your bachelor’s degree in software development. During the coursework, you will immerse yourself in software development by analyzing problems, planning solutions, and delivering software applications across technical platforms from mobile devices to the cloud. The program is studio project-driven offering 5 project-based courses to work in teams on software development applications. You learn programming, cloud computing, data structures, algorithms, and software quality assurance. You will end with two capstone projects to show your instructors what you have learned during the eight trimesters of the software development program.

Final Thoughts

Interested in learning more about the degrees offered by the University of Silicon Valley? If you are interested in creative technology and want to work in Silicon Valley or bring the spirit of Silicon Valley to the world, then attending the University of Silicon Valley may be the right choice for you. Take the time to learn more about what the University of Silicon Valley can do for you.

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