Is it Hard to Get a Job in Music Production?

Are you looking to become a music producer? Think it is too hard for you to break into the music industry? While it may be challenging to find a job as a music producer, attending an audio production program at a creative arts college will get you that much closer to becoming a successful music producer. If you have a passion for music and the drive to complete the courses, you can prepare yourself for a rewarding career as a music producer.

Is it Hard to Get a Job in Music Production?

Although it can be hard to get a high-level job in music production at a semi-famous studio, the barriers to entry into music production have quickly receded over the last few decades. Almost anyone can get a laptop and a digital audio workstation like Pro Tools and start producing music in their home. While you can become an amateur music producer with only a minimal budget and a lot of passion, if you want to become a really good and working music producer at a modest studio then it is important to take an audio production program at a creative arts college.

What Do You Learn During an Audio Production Program?

In an audio production program at a creative arts college, you will get a full education in music production from songwriting, arranging and editing to the crucial steps of mixing and mastering. You will learn everything about music production, from start to finish. You will not only learn the step by step to making music, but you will also build confidence in your music making skills, knowing that you now have the same knowledge as the professionals in the industry.

An audio production program is designed to give you the audio training, production skills and music experience you will need to break into the music industry. During this program, you will learn about signal flow, plug-ins and frequency analysis, the ins and outs of audio science, managing sessions, creating sub-mixes, mix automation and managing full-cycle studio production.

During the program, you will also work on the latest synthesizers, pre-amps and mixing boards. Furthermore, you will learn how to use the various music software that the professionals use, like Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro, Komplete, Tassman and Pure Data. An audio production program is a great way to try new things and figure out what your niche will be in the music industry. No need to make up your mind up right now. Wait until after you learned about the different aspects and techniques of audio production at a creative arts college.

What are the Benefits of a Formal Education in Music Production?

There are many benefits to taking an audio production program at a creative arts college. Some of the benefits include gaining a complete knowledge of music production and the ability to use industry standard music production technology, having access to industry experienced instructors, completing an externship and getting career service assistance as you graduate.

A Complete Knowledge of Music Production

While it is true that you don’t need a degree to become a music producer, without a degree you may miss out on a complete education. You can learn a lot by watching YouTube videos, taking an apprenticeship at your local music studio, or working with a mentor in the business. We recommend you do all these things, but for a complete education in music production that offers you all the knowledge needed to become a successful music producer, we recommend completing a music production program. Not only will you learn more than you could from any one person or YouTube channel, but you will also work with industry experience instructors that have traversed the music business and know what it takes to succeed in the industry. They are ready to help you network and to prepare you for a job in the music industry.

Industry Standard Music Production Technology

The best part about attending a music production program at a creative arts college is you will use the latest and greatest music production technology. You will become familiar with all the hardware and software that the professional music producers use, from software like Pro Tools and Apple Logic Pro to microphones, mixing boards and synthesizers. During your audio production program, you will become familiar with the industry standard tech that will help you make great music.

Industry Experienced Instructors

Creative arts colleges employ industry experienced instructors that have been in your shoes and know what you are going through. They can help you with one-on-one attention and answer any questions you may have while you learn to become a music producer. These instructors have taught various types of people and understand that everyone learns differently and at their own pace. No one is left behind, because the ratio between instructor and student is low. That means you always have an outlet to ask questions and the instructor is always available to help you learn the ropes. These instructors will also help you learn the industry standard music production technology.

Externships & Career Services

At the end of an audio production program is an externship. This externship allows you to work in a real working music studio with other music producers and music technicians. This externship allows you to get real world experience and start networking when it is time to get a job in the industry. You can even put this experience on your resume, showing your future employer that you have extensive training and just need to learn the ins and outs of their individual music studio.

In addition to an externship, the creative arts college will offer you career services to help you find a job after graduation. While a job is not guaranteed, the college will help you with resume writing, interview training and community networking to find the job that best matches your unique abilities and talents. Most colleges will follow you throughout your career, helping you to find the right jobs to match your skill level and passion.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know that although it is challenging to break into the music business, it is a challenge that is worth pursuing and that there are plenty of opportunities to help you find a job and prepare you for the first day of your new career. Learn more about the University of Silicon Valley and all the ways they can prepare you for an exciting job in music production.

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