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Tania Peitzker

Formal Education

PhD, B.A. Hons & part LLB. Law, English, Cultural Studies at the University of Potsdam (post grad), Germany;

Uni QLD, Australia (undergrad).

Q. Inst. Pa. (Qualified Paralegal in Emerging Technologies & Intellectual Property, Commercial Law, Contracts). Institute of Paralegals, IoP London.

Industry Experience

Tania’s reputation in industry is wide and varied, just see her publications:


Tania Peitzker

Dr. Tania Peitzker is an interdisciplinary Adjunct with extensive experience at the intersection of coding, innovation management, business development, strategic marketing & International Law (eg. comparative legislation in IP, data & privacy) for Software as a Service companies.

She’s given the Christmas guest seminar for the UK Government’s Research & Innovation Department (UKRI with 6000 staff) within the Ministry for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), apart from keynotes at the Davos Digital Forum, run by the founder of Rolemodel Rebels in Switzerland, to HAMK Uni’s School of Entrepreneurship & Business at their annual “Freezing Week” exploring New Technologies in Helsinki, Finland.

Dr Peitzker is an AI Ambassador for the global hub SwissCognitive in Zurich & a thinktank member of the transatlantic Ethical Intelligence group; its Law & Policy unit for Emerging Technologies. Her seminars & workshops – from world famous CeBIT in Hannover to the prestigious software conference OOP in Munich; Cambridge Judge Business School guest lectures on her own start up to Chinese executives from Shanghai at Mannheim Business School – have consistently signposted and analysed the slow but steady advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence.

This Emerging Tech is culminating, for instance, in the San Francisco laboratory, OpenAI, with its Dalle-E 2 for image recognition/digital art creation and ChatGPT for “generative AI” creation of texts & some forms of interaction In Real Time. The new trends involve video-game based metaverses, XR (VR, AR, MR) and 3D interactive, voice-based avatars. Just see San Fran’s Virtual Beings Summit as one recent example from the convergence of art, film, music, social media, events/concerts, Immersive UX theme parks and, of course, the Leisure & Experience Economies, not to mention the gaming industry.

Tania is now writing and teaching about Conversational AI applications in “The Metaverse”, Immersive Tech and Extended Reality’s expansion into public spaces. Dr Peitzker is a global Thought Leader* on the current proto-metaverses being constructed around the world, especially in the APAC region, North America & the European Union – where she is mostly based when not visiting friends & colleagues in California.