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Deep Shikha

Formal Education

M.S. Computer Information Systems

B.S. Electronics and Communication Engineering

NS Institute of Technology, India

BITS, India

Industry Experience

Escorts Telecom Ltd.
National Informatics Center


Deep Shrivastava

Deep Shikha Shrivastava brings over two decades of teaching experience to USV.

She is deeply committed to student learning by establishing higher expectation and motivating and inspiring her students to exceed their own individual goals. She believes in identifying the difficulties hindering students’ understanding and then presenting the difficult concepts in easier to understand lessons.

“Physics explains everything happening within or around us in simple mathematical equations”

She especially enjoys the fact that Physics offers creativity and logic, and also takes the mind on a journey of extremes. She views Physics course as a special opportunity to train one’s mind in thinking very deeply and critically about any situation and in offering logic and reasoning while predicting the outcomes and possible solutions. She wants her students to have fun and enjoy the challenges that come on the way.

Prior to joining University of Silicon Valley in Fall 2015, she had taught math and science in local school districts. In 1990s, she served as Systems Analyst with National Informatics Center of India, developing legal system software for Supreme Court of India and High Court of Delhi.

She enjoys watching action/thriller/science fiction movies. Her dreams, extremely detailed and vivid, are mostly about spaceships and space wars. She enjoys her space trips in her dreams!